About Us

About Cut Out Way

Cut Out way was born in Dhaka (Bangladesh) with five professionals. Now we are 100+ professionals in three different shifts. It’s incredible to pass a long way that is with us. The journey is not a short memory. It’s a long history to build up a joint venture company, and finally, we become a success. We are putting in challenging work with our team members and growing like this business.


We ensure 100% quality and delivery times because we know about our valuable clients and their demands. Our main goal is to succeed in giving customers complete satisfaction. Photo editing company requires a lot of professional and qualified designers to edit any projects.


At the cut-out way, we pride ourselves because our have a special team and customer care to support any big project with proper communication. We offer a variety for your projects affordable and high-quality photo editing services like as image Clipping path, clipping paths, Background removing, Image cut-out, Silo path Image, remove background Image, Image Retouching, Beauty/Fashion retouching, Portrait retouching, Digital creating shadow, Reflection creating shadow, Image masking/Alpha channel masking, Neck-joint, Image Manipulation, Invisible Mannequin, Mannequin remove, Image Resizing, Color correction, jewelry image editing, Jewelry Retouch, Contrast/brightness, Color adjustment, E-commerce image editing, Wedding assignments, and album designing


Our team always tells that they do not leave any projects until the clients say “Okay.” Our team leader is always inquiries the project, and quality controllers are check and double-check your one image again and again until it’s not okay. We always use the highest quality to ensure our customers get better service.


Our company has the necessary skills member to manage any big projects. Quality and time are always combined here. By giving good quality, we handle 4000+ images per day. That gives our clients the confidence to work with us and helps them get better assurance by providing good work with the quality of our professionals to be fresh.


Our Team

Our all team member is so confident in the workplace. We have an exceptional team with the 30+ most experienced designers, supporting our particular clients with urgent projects. Because you know that anything is not good if you do it urgently. But our special team member can help you with any critical projects within time and quality. Our maximum team member so much experienced more than eight years.


We offer our all-new customers to send at least two images to test our quality because everybody no that there was no demand until you show your quality. So, we have an option to send two free test images. Our clients know the quality of photos before hiring us. We serve clients from all over the world. You can send anywhere from the world and get your images sitting on your location.


No matter how many images you have and when you need this. We can guarantee you the time and do big projects within your best time.

We now have some partners like as UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, and Japan. They are not our clients; instead, they are a member of cut out way. Only cut out way know how properly clients can gather and how to build up a long-term business relationship.

Clients Meeting Before Hiring

We are very much welcome to our clients in our country for a monthly or yearly meeting or before hiring us. We wanted to grow our business with proper communication. We have worked with agencies, photographers, e-commerce business owners, fashion, publishers, newspapers, garments owners, and e-shop store owners.


If you are an owner of agencies or have a thousand products for edit per day, there is a question. How can I believe you? Because there must require security in your image. And there has another question how was the environment and the office management system we have. So before starting big projects, we have a free trial option and direct meeting option with our client’s permission if they want to meet with us. We are highly interested in meeting our clients before starting any big projects and mostly welcome our clients.


Cultural Activity

An hour of work is boring sometimes, and sometimes it is lots of quality work. So, this is the process we have, every year we go to a cultural program. In Bangladesh, we have some cultural sports, and we go there with our entire team members.


We always love our clients to join us. Because you know that a friendly manner can change your business policy and you become a successful, complete businessman, sometimes some of our clients join us. We are so happy if any clients accept our offer to going with us to our cultural activity.


Our Values


Professional Photoshop Expert Team

For professionalism, we never consider our professional photo expert to work on 24/7 schedules. Our company’s experts like clipping path, background removal, photo retoucher are worked in three different shifts. We always provide high-quality handmade clipping paths with all kinds of Photoshop services you need in the e-commerce sector.


Free Trial Option

We have a Free Trial option. Because we know that no one believes without judge any company, quality work must have a demand we know. So, you have a chance to send us a full 2-3 free trial images (Cost Free) to judge our quality. Before starting your project, you can justify our quality.


Instant Quote

We are always ready to provide your quote within 45 minutes. We send you a price quotation within this time, and you can verify this. That is not a fixed idea. That is only a basic idea, and you can express your price opinion and discuss this later as we are the fastest clipping path company.


Latest Technology

We use the latest technology for image editing services. We use the last version of Photoshop. High configuration internet speedy with the computer always keeps us up to date with the latest world.


Our Mission

Constantly provide high-quality products for our valuable clients and responding timely is our mission. Because we are the number-1 company in this company, who will give you 100% secure image guarantee with quality. So, keep your communication with us and solve your Photoshop problem instantly. The essential Feature we always follow

. Offer quality work with up to date technology

. Prompt customer service

. Maintain qualified human resource

. Retain sustainable growth

. Follow strong business ethics

. Keep up social responsibilities always

Our Vision

We want to become a role model for the young generation and grow your e-commerce business with proper image editing. With full internet speed and use the latest technology, we want to become popular day by day. We want to remove poverty and illiteracy from our society because poverty is courage for a literate person. Okay, let’s have a try with us also you are most welcome to visit our country.


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