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Ghost Mannequin ServiceGhost Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin ServiceGhost Mannequin Service
Neck joint serviceNeck joint service
Ghost Mannequin ServiceGhost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service


Ghost mannequin services for professional photographers and e-commerce business owners are so significant. Ghost mannequin service is the only solution to add your apparel with back to front part for visibility. Additionally, you can outsource image manipulation/neck-joint from our business.



The ghost mannequin service is so costly and effective in this Sector. By using our service, you can get a profitable business for your e-commerce business. Ghost mannequin allows you for your products in the proper shape, which helps you look at your image more professionally and trustworthy in front of your customer.



E-commerce business depends on image Edit Company, and you need a company that can solve your ghost mannequin service projects and ready your projects for the final steps. Because every customer wants a stunning image with good shaping, cut out today can ready your products and help you to increase your sales.



Ghost mannequin service includes

  • Body Shaping
  • Image liquefies
  • Cut unwanted objects
  • Erase objects from the image
  • Perfects Image Masking
  • Shadow making service
  • Make glittering jewelry retouch
  • Original background retouching without lost shadow.




Categories of Ghost Mannequin in Photoshop

There have so many processes when anyone does ghost mannequins or neck joint service. It includes the below parts

.3D Ghost Mannequin Effects

. Neck-joint Service

. Bottom/Sleeves Joint Service


Why Ghost Mannequin Service?

Usually, a photographer takes shots of cloth wearing from a dummy. But when you take a shoot from a dummy, you can’t see the back part of the dummy naturally. So for this time, you need to take a shoot from the back piece. But the question is here?



Where from you joint the back part with the front aspect. The answer is easy “cut out way. “Because we have a special team for only neck-joint, and we serve this service for more than 10+ years. So don’t worry about how many images you have. We are here to ready your projects.




Who Needs Neck-joint Service?

If you are an online apparel seller, or if you have a fashion showroom, or you have an online store to sell garments dress, then this service is for you. Because nobody likes to show the dress unless you dress up, it’s on a model or dummy. That’s why this type of business owner needs neck-joint or ghost mannequin service for showcasing their garments products.



For dress photographers or e-commerce business owners, neck-joint service is the essential part. Because they need this service regularly for making their photos perfect on using their website or e-commerce site, this type of photographer is the best solution for this Sector. Our existing customers are so happy to work with us because we know how to edit neck-joint and shape the garments for the selling e-commerce sector.



To judge our quality, please send us a Test Image using our get a quote option, and we will get back to you within 45-1 hour. Then you will decide why we are different from all other companies.



Which Sector Did This Service Need?

Garments Industries

 If you are a business owner or have many garments products, you must need this service. There is no way to edit your products before posting on an e-commerce site.

E-commerce Business

If you have an e-commerce business, you must need this service for your everyday post-production work. You can try our service to gain a lot of profit from your company.


Professional Photo Editor

Are you a professional photo editor? Are you having a lot of work?

Don’t worry; we are here. You can join us for a long-term partnership. We can be a great choice. So, let’s try with us by sending two free trial images.



Image editing Agencies

If you have an agency and you have a lot of work like as clipping path, background remove, color correction, shadow making, and so on, and you will work for so many companies, and you also search those types of a company then we are the best choice for progress your business



Professional Photographer

Professional photographers need our ghost mannequin service to have an e-commerce business or post-production house. So, they can try our latest editing factory or join our service.


Okay, then we recommend not only this Sector, but if you have a small business and if you want to sell your products on Amazon, eBay, Ali baba, then you must need this type of service



We provide professional ghost mannequins service.

Cut out way is a corporate company specializing in ghost mannequin/neck-joint service for your post-production business. Ghost mannequin service means to cut out the main products or models from your dummy and delete this by shaping a perfect shape.



Image mannequin has another meaning like ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin or 3D mannequin or Hollow man. It’s mainly a process for the photography business by removing products or models from dummies and solving your ghost mannequin projects.



For e-commerce business and professional’s photography, image mannequin is so much important. Every e-commerce photographer and promoting their business image must need a mannequin service.

An invisible mannequin service solves your post-production business with a combination of two photos: a dummy part and a neck-part.



Neck-joint service

Neck-joint service is a perfect solution for your online business, and if you are an agency or photography business, then neck-joint service must need you. Not only photographers but there are also so many organizations that need this service like that.

  • Online store
  • Clothing shop
  • E-commerce website
  • Fashion house
  • Garments business
  • Fashion photography
  • Advertising agencies
  • Printing press
  • Newspaper


Ghost mannequin service is most effective for the garments business and fashion photography business. The owner of this business always tries to show their products with good looking. The most important thing is to show the product in front of the buyer or clients. And before showing the perfectness, they should search for a company that can always edit post-production photos professionally and does the job perfectly.



Mannequin Photo Editing Service

It’s a method of joining two parts of an image. But it’s not right when you enter the two parts. That is because there are so many works when anyone needs a ghost mannequin service.



It depends on the shape of an image and cut out the products and details it’s carefully. It’s imperative when any photographer takes a shoot for any products or models. That is because the lighting condition of a room is so essential before photo-shoot.



Image mannequin allows the products to shape and improves the production for making it professionally. Photoshop ghost mannequin or neck-joint service allows your products to explain they are in proper shape for photography post-production. Any e-commerce store or professional clothing photography or garments company had strongly needed this service to eye-catching target customers worldwide.




We are a clipping path company perfect constantly for creating a digital ghost mannequin service, and we are such a kind of image editing agency that always helps you finish your big projects. Ghost mannequin service always provides you wrinkles remove from the cloths, change the color of your products, erase the background, 360-degree view. Cut-out way also helps you to liquefy products for your fabric image if you need this.



Why we are the best in the ghost mannequin service sector


There have so many reasons you will choose us to edit your image by us

  • We have more than 50+experienced neck-joint specialists, and we can deliver you by your demand.
  • 5+ Quality controllers to check and double-check quality outputs
  • We have a customer support point where you will support 24/7. So don’t worry about communication
  • We have a free trial option where you can test 2 products free for test before starting the job
  • We can edit Thousands of products a day for your neck-joint service.
  • We always offer bulk images, and if you have lengthy projects, we will offer you more bulk prices.
  • 100% Quality Guarantee Assurance
  • Easy and flexible ordering system like FTP, Dropbox, we transfer, Google Drive
  • Affordable Price
  • 100% delivery grantee within time
  • Want to be always trusted.
  • Easy and flexible payment methods
  • We always offer a joint-venture option. If you want, you to become a partner with us.




How do we do it?

It’s no matter how many images you have for ghost mannequins or blending. Our expert clipping department first clips your products with the right shape, and we liquefy them to remove the wrinkle from your fabrics. Then our neck-joint team processes your image for the final steps.




Our three steps QC is always ready to check your image for any correction. Photoshop retouching helps ghost mannequin service, and it’s necessary for this service; brightness and contrast also help bring out the image glow-ness. When any designer does neck-joint, then he must follow those methods.


  • Cut unwanted objects
  • Remove artificial factor from image
  • Separate things from the image
  • Clipping path for an image
  • Masking is necessary for e-commerce brands
  • Shadow Creation




Top 5 Easy Steps For Beginner. Try to Follow This



Step 1: Photo clipping path

Before starting the dummy, you should focus on this part because, without a clipping path, it’s not possible to joint your neck with the back piece. By using a background removal service, you can efficiently complete your process. You know that without removing the background, it’s not easy to put the back part. It’s making the mannequin process easy for the editor.




Step 2: Remove Ghost from the Dummy

After done clipping path, your photo typically removes the dummy from the picture. Extracting the figure from the photo sometimes needs image masking a little to the edges. It helps your image to look a little standard. After complete, all processes then final the picture for last processing.





Step 3: Add Neck

Suppose you take several shots of your image, like the back and front parts of one photo. It’s time to use the neck part of your shoot. Add the neck part with the front aspect, fix the error, and edit it precisely.







Step 4: Add Shadow on Neck Part

After making the neck joint sensitively, you need to add shadow to the collar position as it looks natural. It also has the benefit that’s; it looks at your image on 3D locking. The shadow Looking the collar beautiful and keep your neckline triangle between two shoulders





Step 5: Final Retouching

Finally, it needs carefully retouching and double-checking your products, so there is no missing in your neck-joint service. First, check the opacity angle shadow and color balance, then finalize it.



Cut Out Way the Best Ghost Mannequin Service Provider

We always try to communicate with our valuable clients. Before ending the last talk, we are confirmed that precisely what he prefers and actually what he wants. So that we can do it with one click and clients didn’t feedback even. The out Neck-joint Specialist team is always friendly with their customers, and they are responsive about work.




We are a specialist in this Sector. So, don’t worry about how many projects or photos you have. Just drop a test image and wait for the results. Be a lifetime partner with the cut-out way.






FAQ For Ghost Mannequin Service

What is neck joint service?

Neck joint service is also known as the invisible mannequin service. Neck Joint Services provides 2D and 3D objects to be created. Neck-joint service allows the ability to do use modern technologies in the digital photography field. As like jackets, swimsuits, pants, shirts, and so on

How do you remove mannequins in Photoshop?

There are so many ways for neck joint or ghost mannequin service. We always follow the advanced methods for neck-joint service that you have never seen.

Step 1: Remove dummy or object from the main apparel or product using clipping path

Step 2: Add neck part and sleeve (if needed) with perfect measurement

Step 3: Centre the neck and fix with correctly

Step 4: Add shadow on the neck part

Step 5: Save your final format

How do you photograph clothes with mannequins?

Tips and techniques for clothing mannequin photo

  1. Iron the clothing item to remove any wrinkles. …
  2. If you need to fill out the bust of a garment, put a padded bra on the mannequin.
  3. Use pins and pegs to clip garments into place if the item is too big than mannequin or model
  4. Using a fan can be a great way to give your product movement.
When should you use ghost mannequin editing?

You should use the service if you want to achieve the following–

  • To bring depth and texture in a product image, especially the apparel and jewelry
  • If you want to reduce the cost and complexities of recruiting real models
  • When you choose to display the rear and the front of your offering, or a wide-angle perspective
  • To view the interior of the clothing, including the inner tag, name, and mark
Who’s this service need?

Neck-joint service is essential and of good use to your own online product display. You can find several sectors worldwide. For instance:

  • eCommerce
  • Garments
  • Newspapers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Magazines
  • Printing Press
  • Other different websites can use this service
What is the minimum price of a ghost mannequin task?

Well! We offer 1.19 US dollars for a simple ghost mannequin project (Neck Joint). To remove the dummy, you need to pay the same, and for a 3D ghost mannequin, $1.49 US dollars

What is the procedure of payment?

We grant PayPal, VISA Card, Mastercard, western union, Bank Transfer, and Wire Transfer.

Why we are the best ghost mannequin service provider?

There are many eCommerce photo editing companies in this industry. But most of them don’t have enough experience or ability to provide quality services. They don’t have professional graphic designers for post-production works. For these reasons, these e-commerce photo editing service providers cannot give you satisfaction and quality service, as well as they, fail to deliver the orders in time.

As an image editing and ghost mannequin service provider, Cut out way have all kind of advantages. We have a graphic designing expert team, well management system, and professional quality checking team. We check every order at last 3 time to ensure the best service for our clients. We provide online support 24/7 and you can enjoy our service at a cheap price.

So, using our service may become a great decision of yours.

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