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What is a clipping path?

Clipping path is a well-known service in photo editing agencies. This service is also called deep etching. The photo editing technique is valuable for online businesses and eCommerce stores. Professional photographers and online store owners need a clipping path to save time or meet tight deadlines. Professional editing needs clipping path service. Clipping path service can help you make the image background white or transparent and place a new one.


Photo clipping path service comes into action in many fields like:

  • E-commerce store owner
  • Retail business
  • Advertising companies
  • Web developers
  • Product photography
  • Professional Photography studios and many more


The clipping path service is the first step in photo editing service. All about you know clipping paths before doing any other photoshop task. Here clipping path service help photographer to art a vector path and change the background.





Hand Drawn Clipping Path Service Category

There are so many varieties of hand-drawn clipping paths. Photoshop clipping path service allows you different types when you need to remove background from an image. The level of clipping path service is:




Simple Clipping Path

Simple means something easy to clip. When photos come with simple clipping paths, it requires no massive points when drawing the way and when images are not complex. A simple clipping service comes with a straight appearance and shape, and they don’t need so many approaches. Since our experts are not worried about complex clipping paths and it’s easy for them to create the finest images possible.



Medium Clipping Path

A medium clipping path is as like a simple type clipping path. However, it is a bit more different from a simple clipping path. This type of image needs a little bit more than a simple clipping path. If any clothing image has a hanger or other unwanted object that makes the idea more appealing, this is called a medium clipping path.



All it needs to remove from the hanger is an unpleasant background with unwanted objects so that only cloth appears gently. When your image has lots of unwanted things, it needs a medium clipping path, and we will do it simply by using pen tools for customer satisfaction.



Multipath Clipping Path

When medium and simple clipping paths are not enough for an image, this multipath clipping path comes with some advanced processes. The multipath clipping path process follows some advanced methods that create a single image with a different layer.



If you are the one who needs this type of clipping path, then you find the best clipping path company like COW to get your work done. Because as a leading multipath clipping company, we always give our clients the best process you need in multipath clipping path service for separating your target object into parts, drawing and adjusting the colour, and more.



Complex Clipping Path

A complex clipping path requires accurate skills and outstretched work to make your image look professional from all aspects. So you must go with a difficult clipping path if your photo is complex, like bicycles, jewellery, trees, buildings, etc. At COW, we deal with anything like simple, medium and complex clipping paths to remove product photo background optimized images with more personalized care.




Clipping Path Service Tools and Techniques

As the best clipping path provider, we dedicated ourselves to giving you the best photo editing service using the best tools. Depending on image quality, our expert uses different photoshop tools.

Our clipping path tool and techniques are art manually and 100% handmade. The adobe photoshop software help to create a perfect product image. Our primary photoshop clipping path service can include

  • Clipping path
  • Cut out image
  • Hand-drawn clipping path with deep etching service
  • Advanced hair masking
  • Complex clipping path with Image manipulation service
  • Vector path for use in multipath graphics design
  • Custom cut clipping with a multipath layer
  • Clipping mask and layer masking service
  • Additional photo enhancement and image design services



Why Is Clipping Path Service Required?

For the product photo, you need a white background. Numerous online stores have required white background photos for posts on different social media. They request an image with white background from the seller. We received more than 90% of the request associated with clipping path service, getting an invisible or white background. The best photograph strategy is to remove unnecessary objects from the image and attract buyers by editing.




If you are looking for a clipping path service for your product photo, look no further ! Cut out way is a professional photo editing company in Bangladesh; we cover all your photo editing needs. In addition, our clipping path service gives you accurate background removal service and general image improvement.



Our core service without clipping path service is photo background removal, color correction, color change, photo retouching, image compression, and a wide range of work, including drop shadow or reflection shadow.



Difference Between Clipping Path and Deep Etching

The clipping path service selects a portion of a 2D image and creates a path around its edge. After the clipping path, you can do many photos editing tasks like background removal, cut-out image, and cutting out undesired objects can do. Clipping path service does perform using the photoshop pen tool.


On the other hand, a deep etching service removes a particular section from the image background. While clipping path performed with the pen tool, deep etch can be achieved with eraser tool and color selection tool along with pen tool.



The Industries Our Clipping Path Service Work

A clipping path service can make a tremendous difference and increase conversion sales. It affects online and offline businesses. If you want to manipulate or separate the image from the subject, you first need to clip the path of this image for selection. From there, you will get a virtually limitless number of photoshop editing possibilities.



After using the clipping path, you will define the difference between edited and non-edited photos. The quality clipping path service always allows you to remove the photo background and change the background color. The area where we served our clipping path describe below:

  • Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other online stores
  • Product catalogues
  • Publishing companies
  • Home service companies
  • Print advertising agencies
  • Media
  • Real estate agents
  • Logo designers and so on




Benefits of Photoshop Clipping Path Service

Several benefits come with the usage of the clipping path. Some are listed below:

  • One can change the background easily by using the clipping path service. You can place your subject in a different location.
  • You are placing a white/ transparent background using the clipping path service. If you want to post an image on an online advertisement, then clipping path services benefit you.
  • Clipping path service gives you the freedom and cut out your subject using clipping path service and place the issue in a different setting and background, allowing you to create a new scene.



Creating Clipping Path In photoshop

Although the process of clipping path service is very tiring and time-consuming, it gives you some extra excellent results.

To start the clipping path service, you need to draw a line outlining what you want to separate from an object or a group of different backgrounds using photoshop pen tools. Photoshop tools offer you various ways of separating your image from its location in the path panel.


If you want to separate the background from the subject entirely, you can use pen tools from the toolbar and draw a path around the image. After that, you will be able to change the background. You can change the photo background using photoshop paths without any hesitation.

Using software like QuarkXPress or InDesign lets you quickly find a path that allows you to retain its original background when you see it in photoshop. But you will be able to see the option of viewing it separately in a new layout, outside of photoshop.




Our Clipping Path Service Includes


Ecommerce product photo clipping path

Suppose you have an eCommerce business, then clipping path service is essential for removing background from an image. The most important things are for the clipping path service; you should remind that this service allows you to give a pixel-perfect picture with white or transparent background.


The standard process in product photo editing is to remove background from an image or isolate an object from the image. Our experts know how to make a clipping path, remove unwanted objects from photos, and change the background color.



Shinning Jewelry clipping path

For the jewelry store owners, the clipping path service needs to look appealing for selling purposes. No matter how high-end a camera you use for your jewelry, photo editing makes the image more attractive. Our experts are going deeper into jewelry images and making a massive difference in your jewelry images. Try us free to check the quality of our service.




Garments Clipping Path

The garments photo clipping path takes a lot of effort and time. Here we start with removing the background from the image with the photo of the garment and replacing the set with white or any pleasant location. After that, we do some extra work for garments photos, like removing wrinkles and flows to make the image more stunning.


Model Clipping Path

COW plays an essential role in the model clipping path as it goes with all of the processing, including simple, medium, and complex clipping paths. We care for model photos, especially skin and hair, and we sincerely look at things that make the image more eye-catching and more realistic. So if you need a model photo clipping path, then COW can be the best option you will ever make.



Clipping Path Service at Cut Out Way

We cut out way to offer you all kinds of image cut out services at affordable prices. So whether your product photo needs a removed background or a multipath clipping service for color correction, our reliable clipping path team will produce the perfect cut out result.



Our company use up to date adobe photoshop software for clipping path, and we can never compromise on quality. We ensure our clients 100% handmade clipping path using photoshop pen tool.



Our professional photo editing team has many years of experience using adobe photoshop and editing software. Depending on the image quality and resolution, our experienced team uses different methods. They know when using which tools to remove background from an image.



Our worldwide background removal service provides you with a new era. We provide our service internationally in the USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Singapore, China, Brazil, Russia, and many popular countries.



The cost of clipping path service depends on the complexity of the image and quantity of your project, and the turnaround time. However, the resulting image is always sharper and smoother. By working closely with us, we can guarantee you that we never miss a single pixel of the image and care for every photo that best fits your setting.



At Cut Out Way, one of the things we do most is when we create a path and remove background from an image. The clipping path allows us to erase selected outline marks from the ground. Our hand-drawn clipping path uses a potent photoshop pen tool. The reason for drawing a clipping path is to ensure the pixel and smooth removal.



The pen tools enable creative paths that can use to replace the background. This tool also allows for returning the set of photos that are already damaged, scratched, or old. So firstly, you need to set us a couple of images that want to remove background as a trial, and after sending the file with the estimate wanting, you can judge our quality and decide your project.



Why Cut Out Way


24*7 Customer Support

By choosing our clipping path service, you will be able to get our service 24 hours. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the time difference. We answer any question instantly since we are active online 27*7. There are various ways to get in touch with us, including phone, skype, WhatsApp, live chat, email, and WeChat. You can choose the best one from this to reach us.



Professional Team

We have a most professional and talented team. Each person in our team is highly skilled to avoid compromising the quality of our service. We have the expertise to reach you with top and notch editing quality.



Personalized Service

We aim to provide client-based service with 100% satisfaction. We always ensure the best quality that you do not need to take further action.



Meet Tight Deadline

Do you need a bulk number of images to edit? Don’t worry if you have this. We are here. We always maintain the quality work and deadline of your project. So, you may relax to leave your project by our expert hand.



We are the top choice of any other clipping path company and image cut out company. Don’t hesitate to tell us whether the task is super complex than essential, medium, or complex. Our reliable, professional team are always ready to help you seven days a week, 365 days a year.



Feel free to fill out the free trial box to give our clipping path service, and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our quality.



FAQ For Clipping Path Service

Can I get Clipping Path Service in Different Formats?

Generally, our clients asked for the path in JPEG format. But, if you need the image in other forms, tell me we can deliver the image in any format without JPEG like TIFF, PSD, and PNG formats.

Clipping Path Is a Manual Photo Editing Technique, right?

There is no doubt clipping path is a manual photo editing technique. Well. There is some automated process to create intuitive ways. However, we guarantee that it will match your criteria to the extent that we can.

How About Your Delivery Capacity?

The delivery capacity is a matter of relatively with photo complexity in the first place. We can complete up to 4000 images a day without any hesitation if the subject is not too complex to create a path.

Doesn't Your Fast Delivery Affect the Quality of your Service?

The quality always prefers the organizational structure. So don’t worry about the quality. Cut out way ensure you the best clipping path and all other photo editings with 100% quality on the required times’ boundary.

How Fast Can You Provide the Service?

As a responsible clipping path company, our standard delivery time is 24 hours for 4000 images of clipping path service. Considering the image difficulty and number, our delivery time may up-down. It could vary.

How Can I place an order?

After completing the trial process, you may send your whole project to us. You can send the image via different Dropbox, WeTransfer or FTP transfer methods. The easiest file transfer way has no hesitation in this process.

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