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What Is Drop Shadow Service?

Drop shadow service is like a service that creates the impression of a shadow beneath the product or behind the focal point of an image. Utilizing proper shadow enhances the appearance of an image and gives images more focus or light.

Drop shadow service help you to influence more customer to buy your product and increase sales on an online platform.



Shadow creation services are more effective when you are done by an expert graphics designer who can increase the overall appeal of an image. Hence, it’s important to make sure that before taking a photo, you fulfil every step possible to enhance the glow of your image.



It would be best if you worked like your customer will quickly make a judgment based on your images’ structure or working quality.




Drop shadow service allows you to bring a creative look to the editing method. You can use this service for all types of images. Image shadow is an effective method for product or model images to attract more buyers. Photoshop is an effective software to add shadows with layers, and you can change anything in cases you need. You can’t imagine how fascinating the effects editor can bring using shadow.


Type Of Photoshop Shadow Services

If you want to know how many photoshop shadows are created, the answer may be different. Because there is a different type of photoshop shadow service that an expert photoshop editor created. Now we know the type of shadow and definition of each: –


Natural Shadow Effect

The natural shadow effect means to keep the original shadow on the image and make it with white background. Sometimes an unskilled photoshop editor may remove the shadow using a clipping path from the image.


But Cut Out Way expert photoshop artists are never compromised with quality, and they know exactly how to keep the original shadow and make it natural. Most professionals are looking for background removal services while still needing natural shadow services.


Drop Shadow Service

Drop shadow service adds a shadow under the product or recreates the natural effect that helps you to bring a stunning performance. Our natural shadow service creates a polished look and adds style and flavour to your image. Furthermore, we can create a high-quality or soft shadow effect depending on the client’s preference.


Soft shadow allows you to create a less dense shadow covering a large surface area. While similar to drop shadow, the drop shadow service is perfect for images where less contrast is warranted. Cut Out Way excels at this and the other shadow creation service that increase your images and create bold statements.


Don’t know which shadow effects match your image or product shoot? Please leave it to us or request a quote so we can care for your photo specially and choose the best shadow for your image. At Cut Out Way, we’ll solve your photo editing task.


Cast Shadow or Existing Shadow

This method allows the editor to create a different background in an image and eliminate the original shadow. This process is done by using the correct level of transparency and opacity in your editing. This shadow is easy to determine that already edited the image. Expert shadow creating is a must. We have a skilled designer here who can create cast shadows or existing shadows well.


Floating Shadow or Mirror Effect Shadow

Our mirror effect shadow service adds natural appeal to any image by creating the illusion of a shadow against a reflective surface. The result is an image to give a mirror effect that seems to shine and grabs your attention. Mirror effect shadow enhances the look and feels of your product image with minor photoshop effect. Can apply the floating shadow effect to e-commerce photos placed over the white background.


When to Use Photoshop Drop Shadow Service

Our Shadow making service gives you new techniques and quality images. Naturally, many professionals and agencies benefit from using quality shadow services for their photos. That is well-known we live in a technology era at present. Hence, this technology creates a lasting impact on the Way of our business.


There is a chance to attract your buyer with your product image and satisfied customer to give a better service online. You can give them a complete editing product to compete with the other companies.


You create a strong impression on your product photo on your prospect that requires a polished site with quality content and images. Cut Out Way can provide clients with satisfying service with high-quality image editing service that captivates their audience.


Drop Shadow Service for E-commerce Product


Ecommerce sites are the main target for professional graphic designers. Because e-commerce websites, company owners or agencies, are looking for a graphics designer to edit their product photos. Drop shadows are created expertly and generate traffic for your site with higher conversion rates. 


Most customers are retained from the website if they do not find the exact content with quality images. They are not inspired to buy anything if the image is not quality full.


By giving a drop shadow service to your photos, we give the impression of your photo and make the image more attractive in front of the customer. This shadow effect is a stunning highlight to your product photo and makes it visible with its light.


The drop shadow service methods digitally manipulate the product photo with light and dark to add depth to a photo. It offers a faint glow to the picture, increasing its aesthetic value.


Cut Out Way expert designer provides a realistic drop shadow for your image and allows you to apply your image on marketplaces. We can render a client’s request using updated techniques to increase the production a day. So, it may be helpful for a customer to work with us easily and maintain bulk files instantly.


Photography Studios and Agencies

The person who has photography studios or agencies needs a drop shadow service for their product. Photography studios have so many products shoot, and they need photo editing services like background removal and drop shadow service. Talent agencies owner always try to show their product first raw and increase sales. Tips are one, the photo editing service with shadow effect may bring the best result. 


Cut Out Way focuses on producing a superior result with consistency that all of our agencies and photographers love. We prefer to build long-lasting partnerships that allow studios and independent photographers to focus on the aspect result with all images and grow their business. Our special treatment of photo and editing quality always touches your mind.


Why Drop Shadow Service?

Using drop shadow service, we make a photo natural and live. Drop shadow service allows the customer to bring a stunning performance and comes with an image of a natural look. Let’s see some reasons why we need to use drop shadow for the product photo

  • Increase the deepness and texture of the product photo.
  • For flat products, drop shadow comes with nice background
  • Edit unnatural shadow of a product
  • Adjust the white edge to an image
  • Same image with background color and image color
  • Add shadow background to the product photo
  • Shadow making service helps to change the darkness and brightness of a photo
  • You can adjust a photo with new background with a new shadow

When anyone chooses to create a drop shadow service for any product image or eCommerce image, we are here to provide you with the best benefits.


Make an Image More Stunning Using Drop Shadow Effect

Today over 1.5 billion websites in internet-and this number of quantities are increasing day by day. The Internet provider or website owner needs to share their product information and services. E-commerce company represents more than 25 trillion dollars in the global market.


Hence, this is possible that so many people are searching for your product and service online. Having a website is a great start to showing your product photo online, but what can you do if you have no website in marketplaces. That is bad; you need a website to show your product photo and details online.


To attract a potential buyer to your website, you only have a few seconds to make a positive impression on them and, hopefully, sell your products or have them contact you.


Utilizing proper editing images and quality content, rank your product to display first. However, the photo editing process is often difficult sometimes. Cut-out-way drop shadow services offer a team of professionals to handle any big project and help you edit all kinds of photos you need.


Our company offers drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow, and photo editing services to add style and creative flair to your site. If you are looking for a reliable shadow-making service for your company, you are in the right place.


What Changes Drop Shadow Service Bring to an Image

As the name suggests, the drop shadow service provides a unique service in the photo editing department. As a result, your image looks realistic. Your potential clients do not agree to see the product photo with a real background. So, they need to change the background from an image and post it.


In this service, the drop shadow service plays a vital role. To visible the image with quality editing, photoshop drop shadow must be helpful for your image. Drop shadow service help to show the product photo look real. And your potential buyer turns into returning customers.   


Benefits Of Drop Shadow Service

There are so many benefits to using the drop shadow service in photoshop. The advantages of drop shadow service are making the image realistic and natural-looking. The product was to use drop shadow are, increasing the chance of sales more.


Drop shadow services are applied to logos, product images, and people. It is an ideal service that describes a product online. Drop shadow service allows the image to add illusion and depth for an image that can be 2D or 3D. You can get the maximum advantages by using this service.


Our company produces the best result in drop shadow, natural shadow, and floating shadow services. The idea of the photoshop shadow creation service develops you to give a natural and live exclusive look to any image. The artistic photo editing service treatment adds a stunning look and impact to any product photo.


The professional designer at Cut Out Way easily creates shadows against the lighting background. No matter which shadows you need for your image. Team COW provides you with any shadows that are perfect with your image and look good with the background.


Making a good combination of existing and newly created shadows turns an ordinary object into a great part. Cut Out Way has earned clients’ faith and generated a new idea to give the best shadow service for his image to increase their sales online over the year.


Nowadays, the shadow service is one of the popular services in the image editing sector. Advanced photo editing techniques always give you extra benefits with your product photo. The main goal of creating a shadow of an image is to see the image in front of the customer and increase sales of your product photo.   


Drop Shadow Service at Cut Out Way

Different shadow service falls a different impact on an image. An expert eye can say which shadow is perfect for which image. We Cut Out Way ltd personalize the project to target for client’s goal and requirements.



Our well-skilled graphics design team and photo manipulation team highlight your image above the competition. Your brand value is our priority and shines when you use our background removal and drop shadow services.



Are you looking for an experienced photo editing company for your product photo? Cut Out Way is here to assist you? We have edited about 9.5 million photos and counting, so you can expect that we’ve done it all properly.



Whether you need us to edit your product photo or a large batch of an image, just put the focus on a few important ones. We treat every single project equally and pay careful attention to details. No project is complex because we are dedicated to meeting deadlines and sending deliverables promptly and efficiently.



I don’t know which shadow is perfect for your image. No worry, we are fixing this. Talk to us or request a quote so we can evaluate the exact editing that you need. At cut out Way, we’ll solve any complex photo editing project.   

 FAQ for Drop Shadow Service

There are different types of shadow effects available in photoshop, and you have to consider when you apply which shadow one to create the most appealing image. We covered all tasks of shadow in photoshop. 


Nevertheless, if you got anything to know about this, read some frequently asked questions where you may get your answer. For any further inquiries, you can drop anything that you want to know from our live chat person or send us a quote to hear from us.

What is a shadow creation service?

What Is Shadow Creation Service? In a photo editing service, a Shadow Creation service is a visual effect of using tools in product photography, which creates a shadow for that object, making the impression that the object compliments the objects in general. It is mainly done by hand in Adobe Photoshop.

What is a natural image shadow?

Photoshop natural shadow is a process of bringing the natural shadow of an image by removing any object from an image. It helps to make product shadows look realistic and natural. The skill photo editor makes natural shadows look real.

Why use drop shadow for images?

Drop shadow has used an image to bring the natural look of an image. Drop shadow is one of the leading photo editing services. This service is necessary for an image to bring the look that the object has been raised. And there is a shadow of it on the surface. This Way, an image takes a realistic shape.

Why use reflection shadow in photoshop?

An E-commerce photo editor applies reflection shadow to create a reflection of an image. The mirror effect shadow makes the visible image like a double part. You will find an image in two places. The reflection shadow helps the audience to get a positive impression of the product.

How much cost photoshop drop shadow?

There is no fixed price for the drop shadow service. It varies on image complexity. You can complete the job start from $0.50 to $1.50 per image. 

But if you have a bulk photo or batch photo for background removal and creating shadow, you can do this with a bulk discount.

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