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Photo Masking ServicePhoto Masking Service
Photo Masking ServicePhoto Masking Service
Photo Masking ServicePhoto Masking Service
Photo Masking ServicePhoto Masking Service


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    Image Masking Service

    Image masking service in photoshop is a popular photoshop service. The design masking service is one of the best important services that never you can imagine. Photoshop image masking service getting popular day by day. More than 60% of consumers prefer to show their image in a white background or transparent background.


    A busy photographer never provides you with all images with white or transparent backgrounds, so if you have searched some of those types of a company that can change your image background using an image masking service because masking service is a kind of service that easily can help you to change your photo background.


    Image masking services remove fur or any object and set images at any color background. Taking this service carefully from any expert company you can grow up your e-commerce or model photography business from top to topper.


    What Is Image Masking Service?

    Photoshop image masking service is a process after changing a photo background by using the clipping path process. Image masking service follows some basic rules, which way you can easily erase your disturbing background from any images.

    Clipping path service is typically used to change the background, but you should refine it using Photoshop image masking service if there is more fur or hair.

    It’s not only for the model. It can use for any feather, flames, highlights, or lighting if you need it for Photoshop image masking service.


    When Should Image Masking Technique Apply or Not?

    Photographers sometimes shoot a photo with a grey background or yellow background. But publishers didn’t choose any yellow or grey background before posting their image in any newspaper, catalogue, or website. They always prefer a white experience or transparent background since only



    Image masking service can help you get 100% perfect results to remove your background. We know clipping path or background removal using in the first steps before doing image masking service. After the clipping path, we will follow the advanced image masking service to blemish your fur or soften your edge.



    Here Photoshop masking technique is the best choice to remove hair, fur, or wool in detail. So image masking is one of the most criticized tusks in image editing services. On the other hand, if you need the only background removing service without masking, we follow a clipping path or background removal service to bring your photo in the right shape only using these advanced methods.


    Creative Photo Masking Service by Using Clipping Path

    Creative clipping path offers you a worldwide variety of professional services to our respective clients. Whenever we use different methods to remove your products or model image background to make it more soft edges. Using these methods, we finish the task more soften in a complex area. Here is some photo masking service that we offer our customer—–



    • Etching Service
    • Hair Masking
    • Alpha Channel Masking
    • Complex/Advanced layer masking
    • Fur Masking
    • Multi masking
    • Transparent Masking
    • Translucent Image Masking
    • Transparent Object Masking
    • Photoshop Collage Masking
    • Also includes all types of image masking


    Image Masking Service Categories

    There are many types of Photoshop image masking, such as hair masking, layer masking, alpha masking, channel masking, image masking, color masking, etc. To finish this type of photo masking, we will use different Photoshop tools and follow various strategies.


    Layer Masking

    Layer masking is high-quality Photoshop handmade masking which follows some advanced rules. Photoshop mask applied directly to the layer using a soft or refined edge. Layer masking is immortal. It can be changeable, and you can change it easily without any hassle. Refine edge masking is used to isolate any object or remove the background.


    Alpha Masking or Channel Masking

    Alpha masking is the technique that involves making your image mask. Removing the original background and set up a transparent background save with alpha channel masking is called alpha channel masking. There must need some contrast and brightness with exposure. That’s why single color and soft edge are required to carry this image masking. Channel masking service makes your image more minor than that size.


    Transparent Masking

    Sometimes it’s necessary to make your image transparent background or remove background by wanting different color to set their image in a different color to make your photo more visible. If you’re going to put your image in a diverse background, then transparent masking is for you. Transparent masking helps you to select your subjects instantly and remove the background.


    Fur or Hair Making

    This masking is quite hard. Most of the time, you will see more fur or hole curves in the side of images, which must soften. For this service, the clipping path is a good solution. Because as we know, that clipping path can’t soften fur or hair, so there must be hair masking methods. Photoshop hair masking service can solve this problem.


    Refine Edge Masking

    The refine edge masking is used to make the edge more perfect. To make the border more soft and smooth, refined edge masking is the best masking policy here. That is called a layer mask in Photoshop. Photoshop refine edge masking is mainly used for this product which products have more fur or do not soften in the edge.


    Color Masking

    Cut the hollow line by cutting the edge color; image masking is unexpected change your photo background color and set up your photo any background. Color masking changes the color from its original color. Designers use RGB color to change the background, but sometimes alpha color components are used in pixel data. Color masking can save your photo in any grayscale.


    Clipping Image Masking Used for

    To get proper details, clipping image masking used in this below sector

    1. Soften edge or remove fur
    2. Isolate the object from the original background
    3. Mask the background
    4. Remove background from the translucent images
    5. Create a transparent background
    6. Customize originals background
    7. Mask out the model
    8. Individuals products masking
    9. Hair masking
    10. Skin masking
    11. Dropping shadow on the images.


    Who needs Photoshop Image Masking Service?

    Photo Masking is a technique of Photoshop image editing service. This service-related to this photographer who regular shoot model, fur dress or different type of products which have not soft in the edge or hole. The masking technique is following these places.

    If anyone needs to remove background from his photo with hair or fur surface, image masking can help you ready your photo. Photoshop image masking technique helps to get more precise and perfect results by using a clipping path service.

    Best image masking service helps you to organize a decent look for your model image or product photography. Even if you have a large number of batches of photography, then never worry. Image masking can solve your projects. Expert graphics designers can solve your extensive collection within time. It also gets more value to the clients, and your photography business gets better service than your idea.


    Why Cut Out Way Is the Best Image Masking Service

    Cut Out Way is always committed to giving you better services like image clipping, Photoshop image masking, and other related services in Adobe Photoshop with a fast deadline and timing facilities. We have more than 8+ years of experience with graphics designers who can understand your thought properly and solve your problem instantly. We will provide you with a couple of image masking services like image masking, multi-masking, color masking, layer masking, hair masking, alpha channel masking, and so on.



    We have more than 100+ experienced graphics designer teams who can specially treat your photo. We always ensure you 100% manual work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you want to write your instruction for image masking service, please Get in touch with us, and we will get back to you within 45 minutes or less. We’ll follow them before delivering any projects


    1.100% premium quality guarantee assurances for image masking service

    2. Always meet the deadline

    3. Quick turn-around time

    4. Save time & money

    5. Reasonable time with affordable price

    6. 100+ experienced graphics designer team

    7. Worldwide professional photo editing service provider

    8. 24/6 days support

    9. Special discount for bulk images

    10. Highly interested work with agencies

    11. 100% image security

    12. Satisfaction guarantee


    Photoshop Image Masking Price at COW

    Photoshop Image Edit offers you photo masking service and retouching service as per image contact. Don’t worry about how many images you have. Our particular discount offer can make your big projects affordable. So, if you need a Photoshop image masking service or isolate the background from the original background or related Photoshop work, then drop us 2+ Free Trial images to test our quality. Before hiring us for any big projects, we will agree to a direct meeting with you. We will always be happy to help you.


    FAQ For Image Masking Service

    Is it possible to remove the background from the product with soft edges?

    Yes, it’s possible to remove background from the products such as a blanket, hair, fur, and the advanced image masking method. A simple clipping path technique will not suffice for these. Clipping path service is used only for those with no fur or hair

    Is image masking being a complex job?

    Image masking is alternative to creating a clipping path that is applied to remove furry objects. It is somewhat a little bit complex and requires experience to get the same quality.

    Which company provides a cheap solution for clipping paths & Background removal Services?

    There are a huge number of companies that provide the solution for clipping path and background removal service. Cut out way provides the cheapest service among them all.

    You can find here the following services:








    What are the objects that require this service for removal from the background?

    Hair, blanket, fur, furry animal has soft edges. Therefore, remove the background from these elements require photoshop masking technique. On the other hand, transparent products such as water, glass, sunglass, spectacle, glass jar, wax paper, oil also require this technique to completely remove the background and make them natural.

    How can I be sure that you can do my project?

    If you want to be sure about our capacity and quality, you can send us a few samples. We can offer you a Free Trial. Based on the quality of our work and service, you are free to make your decision.

    Is my photo protected?

    100% protected and security system we follow. We always care about the privacy of our valuable clients. There is no scope for compromising in the matter of security. We never use your photos for any personal or commercial purposes. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.

    What is the minimum price of an image masking service?

    Our starting price for image masking service is $0.39 to $1.00 per image. Remind that image masking service depends on image complexity.

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