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Clipping Path ServiceClipping Path Service
Clipping Path ServiceClipping Path Service
Clipping Path ServiceClipping Path Service
Clipping Path ServiceClipping Path Service


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    Clipping Path Service

    For every photographer, clipping path service needs so much. That is a way to cut out an image from its original background, and its need for every photographer to show their image performance in an online store. For the need for a professional’s photo editing service, every photographer needs this service, and we are the best support for your clipping path business. Every sector such as the industrial sector, ads, magazine, e-commerce sector are always dependable on clipping path service, and clipping path service also includes the below sector



    > Manual clipping

    > Cutout image

    > Background knocks out

    > photo cut out

    > Background Remove

    > Multipath

    > Shadow making service

    > 24 hours online support



    Most of the customers wants to see their products on white background. Clipping path is similar to a service that makes your products clipping 100% handmade and sets your image on white background. You can use this service for any product image editing. Clipping path service helps you to remove background easily.


    Clipping path service for E-commerce

    Cut Out Way Ltd is a vast company with more than 100+ people and three different shifts for image post-production. Clipping path service becomes an essential photo editing service and online-based business. Clipping path service includes:

    • E-commerce photo editing service.
    • Image retouching.
    • Neck-joint service for every online web store/webshop.



    Clipping path service creates a stunning photo for a photographer and makes the attention of every customer. It also needs banners, posters, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, website images, newspaper images, photo editing agencies, ads, and many other sectors.


    Clipping path Service can use in the following service area

    .Image retouching

    .Ghost mannequin service


    .Color correction Service

    .Image masking

    . Image resizing

    .Removing dust from the product photo

    . clipping for unwanted background

    .Image editing for great looking

    .Size up your custom size


    Benefits of clipping path service

    Every photographer knows that without a clipping path, it’s impossible to change the background, and without changing the background, it’s impossible to post any image on any website. So clipping path is essentials for them.



    Adobe Photoshop can help you to solve the problem with clipping paths by using pen tools. Sometimes, we use magic wand tools with our customer’s permission, but we prefer pen tools. You can remove the background easily by using these methods.



    Photoshop clipping paths gives you complete freedom, and you can prepare your image for the final steps to post or sell. The clipping path helps your desired color to set up your image background at any color.


    Types of clipping path

    Basic clipping path

    This is the primary sector, firstly this is called the basic clipping path sector. It’s usually required for a single image with a primary shape clipping path with no holes and gaps. Secondly, these techniques are applied to a round shape or rectangular shape. For example, plate, circle, egg, book, spoon, etc. Thirdly, you can quickly put your wanting background after clipping the path.


    Medium clipping path

    The medium paths have numerous gaps and multi curves. It’s more complicated than a primary clipping path. Suppose you want to get a proper medium clipping path. In that case, we are the best choice, and the medium clipping path also includes the chain, group model, flower tops, or shoes with more curves, and you should create a clipping mask for every anchor points around the jewellery.

    Complex clipping path

    A complex clipping path is more complicated than a medium clipping path. Jewellery necklaces can be an excellent example of a problematic clipping path. 

    The clipping path department can help you to change the background of your image to any complex image. The clipping path can be products, jewelry chains, rings, shoes, bracelets, etc.


    Multi Clipping Path

    Multiple clipping is a type of clipping path which shows your products part by part. Here you can see a single piece from your image using a multi-clipping path and brand your design part by part. Using professionals’ multiple clipping paths can benefit your business, and the online store and clipping path projects are always ready to help your multipath image.


    Where Need Clipping Path Service

    Are you a photographer?

    Do you have agencies?

    Have you a post-production factory?

    Have you any e-commerce shops?


    Have you any websites?

    If you have a website then you must need this type of service. You need a clipping path service if you have a business of catalogues, Newspapers, magazines, or a webshop. A clipping path can be your excellent service if you go beyond with good service.


    Clipping path service included these feature services:

    . Color Correction

    .Photo Masking

    .Crop Image

    .Photo Resizing

    .Cut Out Background

    .Great Looking Photo



    When Need Not Clipping path Service

    Sometimes clients prefer quick selection tools, which are called (W) tools. For this time we will do it for our clients. But most of the time, we will not prefer this type of selection. Most of the time It does not bring good results if you follow this service.


    100% Handmade clipping path can bring your image to good shape and quality. You can justify a company by giving them a free trial, and you can judge their quality by providing a quick selection or hand drown clipping. Which their clients prefer to, they will try to support like this.


    We always tell you that hand drowns clipping path is 100% good for products or e-commerce images. So let’s try with us. But here is a question why do you work with us?

    Let’s see at a glance why you prefer us for your clipping path partner.

    >100% handmade clipping (With client’s requirements)

    >10+ years experienced graphics designer team

    >Quality guaranteed

    >24 hours online chat/Skype support

    >12-48 delivery time maximum of 72 hours

    >Reasonable price within client’s best budget


    Why do you outsource your image for an expert clipping Path Company?

    Suppose you are not an editor but you need an expert editor for your e-commerce business. Okay, if you want to fix anything, you should focus on the main things they are experienced.


    Adobe Photoshop work is so much enjoyable. If this works, anyone can do it properly. But continuous zoom in or out is so boring sometimes. So, you should focus on this type of company, giving you the best design within your budget.


    What need to consider when choosing the company

    .Free trial service

    .Easy online interface with a quick turnaround time

    .Reputed client’s testimonials

    .100% hand-drawn clipping path

    . Skilled in all types of photo editing services like photo retouching, Color balance, Shadow making, Image masking, etc.


    Besides those you should focus on these things also

    Delivery Time

    In the e-commerce sector, time is very demanding and precious. So before starting with any company, you should focus on the delivery time. Professional companies deliver production within 24 hours, and there are opportunities to give 2 or 3 free trial images to assess their skills. They also provide your output in various formats like JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, BMP. They also accept any raw format like NEEF, Camera Raw, And all other raw files.


    Focus On Quality

    Focus on quality means any company’s work quality. At first, you send any company 2 or 3 test images, and you should judge to see at a glance their test file. Because an e-commerce business quality is a significant fact, and without quality work, you can’t grow your sales. To increase sells you must post a quality image.




    Mode of Communication

    Communication is the primary step for this business. If you are a busy businessman, you must focus on the communication section, and if any company fails to communicate with their customer, there is no way to hire them. Because you and we also know that “Time is money” is the main issue to deliver your projects with any company.


    How will be a client benefit from clipping path service

    Our company always serves uncountable benefits for every customer. Handing any big project, our company always focuses on the primary goal of a business. Clients can benefit in so many ways through clipping paths and cut-out services.


    Low cost

    Firstly, there may have a problem with the deep etching service. But a company can reduce the cost through outsourcing. Moreover, an organization wants to edit thousands and thousands of photos a month, and they need to hire a staff member.



    As a middle economic country, Bangladeshi outsourcing costs are less than any other country. Here Bangladeshi people are serving you very low-cost quality work so that we are so popular in an outsourcing company.





    That is an essential part of the post-production of any project. Clients always want to save his valuable time when he outsources his task. Our expert photoshop artist can edit a thousand photos with no intervals. Sometimes there is a more extended project in the client’s hand, and sometimes they need within sort time. For a short or long time, we never fear any project.



    You always get the timely delivery at clipping path and photo background removal projects. At the clipping path project, we always maintain the anchor points in an exact position and always get a better quality image for your multiple businesses. You can choose here for your deep etching service.


    The Ultimate Clipping Path Solution We Are

    Cut Out Way offers you a world-class design team with a low cost than other designing companies. We aim to be a comprehensive clipping path solution, giving e-commerce and online shop with photographers, graphic designers, and other businesses. The opportunity to build and showcase stunning bulk images without going over their budgets.



    Our image clipping path service provider makes it possible for small and big businesses to expand and develop their brand in print or online with valuable clipping paths and beautiful images. Feel free to browse our site to learn more about our portfolio and past work.


     Let’s Talk With Us

    We are always happy to chat with our customers via Skype about their needs and answer any potential questions. You can also contact our designer’s team to learn more about our services. If you’re ready to place an order for some high-quality clipping paths or some other graphic design service from Graphic Design Experts, please feel free to submit your order via Dropbox, We transfer, Google drive.



    Have any question about our services and price, you may be able to find more information on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Otherwise, you can also discover more about our services by emailing us at or calling our team at +8801799646582. We look forward to getting started on your following clipping path or set.


    Our Clipping path specialist

    Graphics design is professional when any people take it professionally. Our experienced designer is always ready to solve your problem. You can see that there are a lot of companies that are helping you in editing your image. But you should find out a professional company that has more than 5+ years’ experience in this sector.

    COW has more experience in this field, and you can go with us for a long-term business relationship if you have an agency or e-commerce shop.




    FAQ For Clipping Path

    What are clipping path services?

    Clipping path services is a professional offerings service provided by companies to erase or delete objects or people from still imagery, clipping path service typically includes all photo editing services and image manipulation services.

    What is a clipping path used for?

    Clipping path is a technique of photoshop — used with the Pen Tool — you can easily remove the background from an image. Clipping path service is generally used when the subject of the image has sharp, smooth edges. This allows clipping path to give you a perfect combination

    How do I create a clipping path in Photoshop 2020?

    Photoshop clipping path service is mainly used for image background removal and make transparent. You just need to select pen tools and create paths around the subject. Photoshop 2020 and Photoshop CC can help you create paths and remove objects.

    What is the difference between clipping path and masking?

    Clipping path uses the pen tool to create paths around the object that you want to remove. On the other hand, photoshop image masking uses a background eraser tool, a magic eraser tool, and color separation for background removal.

    How do I choose the best clipping path service provider?

    Photoshop clipping path service offers you the best service and makes the image white, transparent. Choosing the best photo clipping path service provider company is a tough job. So, you need to justify a company before hiring someone. Every company offers two test images as a cutout way. You need to send them two images and test them.

    What is the minimum charge of a clipping path service?

    We offer 0.39 cents only for a simple clipping path project. If you have any complex images, please feel free to ask us. We gladly hear from you.

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