Blog Tutorial: How to Create Drop Shadow in Photoshop | Making Shadow photoshop

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Tutorial: How to Create Drop Shadow in Photoshop | Making Shadow photoshop

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Drop Shadow 

Drop shadow is a kind of process of adding an effect to an image by using photoshop. We found drop shadow in different kinds of products which product is used in different kinds of eCommerce website, newspaper, amazon store, leaflet, and magazine. An image with an object is looking ugly and this comes not real looking. So, you need to remove object from  product and add a realistic shadow behind your image.

Following modern technology assist to achieve the best work for the customer, drop shadow service is one of the best ways to make your image realistic and natural.

In a world, it is a creative solution by using adobe photoshop and set up the production image in the right position with the help of the right graphic designer.

Here today I’m going to show you how to create drop shadow in photoshop and hope it’s helpful for you. I tried to capture A to Z solution but if you sometimes need someone photoshop shadow expert then let’s start.

Type of Shadow Which you find on the product

There are so many types of shadow in a photo like As

>Drop Shadow

>Natural Shadow

>Reflection Shadow

>Original Shadow

>Digital Shadow

Here we describe drop shadow step by step. Read the blog to know properly how to create drop shadow in photoshop.

Photoshop Shadow Effect: An overview of Drop Shadow

Drop shadow brings an ideal solution when it comes to digital photos. The advanced photoshop techniques help you to make drop shadow, natural shadow, and reflection shadow. Shadow mainly use the purposes of post image any e-commerce website and online store. You should make your image with a high resolution before post anywhere.

The drop shadow effect meant effect shadow creating naturally by using photoshop.it is hard to choose the right alignment of shadow. It is usually choose left to right for the image to look professional and realistic.

It is hard to create a shadow for a fine item like hair, but the problematic job tells in detail, however with a large of expert service available, one can depend on the chosen service.

The quality of the drop shadow effect depends on how the shadow is combined and how a man makes it smoothly. A proper drop shadow must have no isolated and no object. It's proven that a drop shadow provides a magical appeal to the photograph.

Pros of drop shadow:

Realistic photograph: You can ready your image by giving a drop shadow in photoshop and make your image more lucrative.

Increase professionalism: It is significant when your image is more professional than your competitor.

Improve Quality: To improve the quality of your image it is most important to create a drop shadow by removing background from an image and make it smoother.

Cons Of drop Shadow

. Drop shadows are ugly and not refreshing anymore

. It makes image design obsolete

. Drop shadow makes problem for printing]

Best drop shadow setting in Photoshop

There are two types of popular shadow in photoshop like cast shadow, and one is form shadow.

Now you can ask me what is the cast shadow and what is the form shadow.

1.Cast Shadow

Cast shadow is a kind of shadow that reflects the own photo or objects. Cast shadow is also called reflection shadow in photoshop.

2.Form Shadow

The term of form shadow is a reflection on an object or under the product. It's not mandatory that the form was in fix position its looks like a natural shadow and this shadow was different from the cast shadow.

For understanding a shadow total work for processing. You have to know how to shadow work and where it works also. Cast shadows are buried and lighting because the need to reflect more when photography was taken.

But the form shadow needs not the more lighting because the form shadow automatically places on the product.

The difference between drop shadow vs cast shadow.

Adding a realistic shadow is an appropriate process. On the other hand, adding a drop shadow is a bit easier than the realistic shadow to an object.

A drop shadow is a rough presentation of a shadow containing a similar size and process and dimension also. So, adjust your image with dimension cast shadow, it is essential to follow the process given below.

Are you looking for a quick process? To create a drop shadow on your production image or photo. Well, if yes then you are here at the right place. Because photoshop drop shadow process here I describe part by part. Here you will get knowledge about shadow-making services for photographers and eCommerce business owners to increase sales.

A short view to create drop shadow in Photoshop

. Separate your object from the background by using clipping path service

. Add a new background behind your isolated object

. Add a drop shadow

. Add Motion Blur

. Add gaussian blur

. Add layer mask

. Select brush tools

. Drag or click the brush on the drop shadow

. Think about light origin match the perfect shadow.

Tutorial: How to Create Drop Shadow in Photoshop

Step by step process of this tutorial given below

Step 1:

Open the image in photoshop which you need to add shadow. Firstly, clipping path or removing the background by using photoshop pen tools or other processes.

You can read our others blog related to this

Step 2:

The layer should look like 0 as like given photo. Layer 0 is filled with a white layer and layer 1 shows the main products.

Step 3:

Make a copy by select layer 1 with the keyboard (CTRL+J)

Step 4:

Make sure the image default color is okay if not okay then click (Shift+X) to change your color default.


Press ALT+SHIFT+DELETE to make the image black

Step 6:

Then bring free transform on the image by pressing (CTRL+T)

Step 7:

To make a shadow under the products just click the top middle square and drug the black image straight down.

Step 8:

Now press enters to get out from free transform.

Step 9:

Move the shadow layer by dragging it below the image layer so that the layer was under the shoe layer.

Step 10:

Select the layer of shadow and go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur to fix the shadow angle.

Step 11:

Adjust the distance and set the angle 0 adjust the distance enough to smooth out around the shadow which you create.

Step 12:

Now click ok

Step 13:

At this step, you should go to the same option and not go motion blur, this time you should go Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur

Step 14:

Change the radius into 3 pixels and click OK

Step 15:

Make sure that the drop shadow layer is selected and then Add layer mask 

Step 16:

Select the brush tools from the left menu bar and change the opacity to around 53% you can high or low the opacity as necessary but we recommend it as the middle of the opacity option.

Step 17:

Change the foreground color to black.

Step 18:

You can change the brush size from here and do that.

Step 19:

Smoothly drag or click on the drop shadow to make it perfect. If you need to bring back the then change the foreground color pressing (SHIFT+X) and click the over area

Step 20:

Select the move tools to adjust the shadow.

Shadow in eCommerce: When to use drop shadow?

Adding product images following realistically is a process. Adding the advanced drop shadow process, you can make your photo professional looking and authentic. In our e-commerce image editing service, you need to create a shadow.

Now show the product against a white background. Then add a drop shadow that assists your products to open against a white background.

If you simply displaying a product on white background with drop shadow then it helps your product to increase sales and grow your business.

Furniture chairs or products are also included under the drop shadow service. Here you can see the necessity of using the drop shadow service.

Here the example where you find a shadow and attach shadow on furniture products

You’ll also find here some product image where use drop shadow also

This is amazon listing product where need shadow making service


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