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Remove background from image photoshop | Image background removal service| Cut Out Way

Remove background from image photoshop using photoshop. Create transparent background, White background, change background, Erase background, delete background, cut out image. Get high-quality images. Be happy with your clients and increase sales. 

Background removal service

Background removal service is the most common and demandable service in the sector of photo editing service. If you need to advertise your product or boost up sales then obviously you need to increase the performance of your profile and images.

Nowadays advertising process is so much effective to attract the targeted customer because every customer wants to see their products from different backgrounds and different looks. You have to target or show your customer via advertising process like newspaper, magazine, leaflets, banner, etc. because there has no way to show your product directly or contact them.

The most important technique is helping a company to optimize the image in such a way that customers easily attract the audience or simply cut out an image from the object.

There are different ways to remove background from image in photoshop cs6. You can hire an experienced designer for your company if you need help or if you do your own then there is no problem. It's an easy process to remove background images using cs6.

In this article, I’m going to show how easily you can remove background from images with photoshop.

What is a background removal service?

Background removals service is such kinds of process which process you can easily knock out background from an image and separate object from the background.

Remove background or background out process is not an easy process if you do not know how to properly clipping path an image and what is the process. If you didn’t know how to remove background from an image then you need to hire someone who can help you to remove background from an image and set up your image on any background. It’s an easy process for any editor.

Process of photo background removal

There are so many processes in photoshop to remove the background. Today I’m going to show you some processes step by step.


At first, you need to open the image with adobe photoshop cs3, cs6 or cc which you like most. After opening the image with photoshop select photoshop pen tools or press “P” for select pen tools.


After selecting pen tools, you need to drag from the image any corner and make to draw a path. In the final step, you need to finish drawing the path whole image.


After completing the 3rd step you need to select the path clicking CTRL+ enter and make a feather using CTRL+ALT+D and take a layer from the layer menu or clicking CTRL+J.


Completing 3rd step you need to select a solid color and make your image background white # ffffff


After completing the final process save the file in which format you need, and finalize the image.

Selection tools: how to remove background from image in photoshop

Drawn clipping path on your subject is so much easy but remove using selection tools is too much easy than this. This is an easy process to remove your photo background. Following this process, you can easily remove the background from an image.

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Erase the background

After completing selection tools or clipping path around the image you will be able to remove background and delete background from an image. You will see that your background will change and you can set your background in any color.

Transparent background in photoshop cs6

Background removal does not end up here only. If you want to remove background and make it transparent it's possible using cs6, cs3. This will make a new transparent layer automatically and shift your image transparent background or no background. Press the eye sign to see the transparency of your image.

Creating Multipath Image

In photography, you may have needed more subjects in one image. To separate part by part in one image is called a multipath image. A multipath image helps you to separate your image and show your image color part by part. It can help to color correction services also.  You will get different backgrounds for different layers after doing this.

Image background removal services at Cut out way

After using a variety of tools and techniques, we have found that we can achieve the best-looking product photos with clipping path or Photoshop masking. We regularly test new techniques and tools to make sure we’re using the latest and most advanced methods.

Our professionally well-trained graphic designers have a couple of years experience in providing background removal services and clipping path sector.

We’re masters of handmade clipping path using Pen Tool, which allows us to define highly precise clipping paths. We zoom in to your images by as much as 300% when drawing each clipping path.

We always do a good shape of a product and we use fewer anchor points on your images. Having too many or too few anchor points can result in inadequate photo cut-out images that don’t look lifelike.

Unlike many other photo background removal services, we do everything by hand. We avoid using Magic Wand tools for quick selection and path creation.

Today’s consumers want quality work, and so do we at Cut out way. We pride ourselves on the quality of the finished product — no matter how many images you need for post-production we are ready.

Who needs an image background removal service?

Background removal service is becoming popular among online business owners and photographers. Nowadays the importance of background removal services in business advertising growing day by day.

As many as 38% of online consumers prefer to see products on a white background; hence, it’s an important service for a business that’s looking to attract clients through a picture.

It’s the proper image editing service to erase any background details from the background of an image and provides the photo a stronger look. Cut out way will provide you a perfect image with our greatest service.

• Professional Photographer

• Studio owner

• E-commerce Business

• Garment Industry

• Newspaper agencies

• Online Seller

• Online Fashion Industry

• Amazon/shopify store owner

Which company provides a cheap solution for clipping path & Background removal Service?

Today marketplaces you can see so many companies and they offer you cheap rates services for clipping path and background removal services. But remember that cheap service is not good all time, rather you have to focus on quality work.

You need to find such a company who can offer you quality work at a cheap rate. Cheap rate means not so cheap its demands on marketplaces work size of your image.

Cut out way have ability to production 4000+ image post-production within 24-48 hours, clipping path and background removal service are huge productions per day by the hand of our quality clipping path provider.