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How to Refine Edge in Photoshop CC| Image masking service

Image Masking and make the mask service helps your photo details removed and make image smoothy (clipping mask, Photoshop mask, channel masking, alpha masking, layer masking) that complies with our highly skilled 100+ digital designer.

Refine Edge Masking

If you would like to mask or select then the tutorial is so much helpful for you and I hope after reading the articles fulfill you do refine edge masking own by using Photoshop CC.

In 2021 it is too much important to know properly that how to refine edge work and how to make a selection using photoshop. The refine edge tools are so much effective to do photo clean-up edge and smooth fur or hair image.

Any complex hair or fur you can refine by using this tool. With the latest version of adobe photoshop CC-2020, you would be a perfect hair masking editor.

What is Photoshop Refine Edge

In the recent past year’s adobe photoshop has a version named CS3 and there has a feature called “Refine Edge” and after some years they added it to improve the initial selection. Refine edge characteristics were updated in photoshop CS5. Which has the same work to remove the fur with selection as dragging the brush.

When an editor needs to details the background using Refine Edge then photoshop helpful for you.

Refine edge comes after with a new feature in CC 2015 and now we see CC 2020 and here it led to the new workspace for making and collection of refining. However, selection and mask were far good than refining edge which was not approved by everyone.

Refine Edge VS Select and mask

Both of the tools are used to do the same service and purposes. However, from the year 2016 photoshop includes a new tool named select and mask tools.

This feature adds to replace the refine edge tools. Sometimes I found it more accurate and quicker although adobe hasn’t fully removed edge from photoshop.

The select and mask tools are not the same as refining edge tools. It’s different tools and the work is also different.

After 2016 photoshop add the new feature named select and mask and now in photoshop CC 17,18,19,20 the latest feature was given

Where you find refine edge tools in Photoshop CC

Refine edge is the most popular tool in adobe photoshop and many editors are now use this tool to make refine images, nevertheless, it was coming with details from Photoshop. Adobe photoshop removed the way to access it. You can find this popular tool in Photoshop’s latest version like CC.

To open refine edge from photoshop active the select and mask tools and press and hold SHIFT then Select>Select and Mask. Now it will be open a window. See the second picture below and find it from the following tips.

Using Refine edge tools for perfect Selection.

 These tools have some advantages and disadvantages. Like others photoshop tools you need to select it carefully when you select images with a particular feature. You have to decide that is the image eligible or not to use refine an edge.

However, this is not always an easy task to do so. sometimes you need to use other software and you need to study properly to know which tools you need now to remove objects from the background. This tutorial teaches you how to select and use refine edge tools with a perfect example.

When you need to use refine edge in photoshop

The answer is easy, you can use this tool at any image when there have so much fur or hair then you can use this tool to refine the image. But sometimes we recommended you use it in these conditions.

1.When the foreground color is different

2.When you working with complex edge, hair, fur

3.Photo where have so many blanks and spots.

4.In this sector where clipping path is not suitable you need to use their refine edge service. This tool is suitable when you need background removal service with hair masking

Selection in the initial stage

Now I will discuss with you how you select and mask with photoshop and how to create make a selection for refine edge.

Step 1:

Refine edge does not allow some time to cover up your image so in the initial stage, you need to select and mask the workstation. In photoshop's latest version Like CC, we need to create a selection with the selection tools to perform the initial section.

In the photo of the women here we select with color range photoshop instruction

Step 2:

Select and Mask

After completing the initial selection use Shift and hold on to the keyboard. Now if you go up then look at the select option in the menu bar. Go to Select >Select and mask

Now you will able to discover the refine edge dialog box. It is as same as the previous version of adobe photoshop which I have taken away for you. Photoshop will regularly open select and mask if you do not make the initial in the final stage.

How can I change my background in Photoshop?

Below is the step by step to change the background of an image in Adobe Photoshop CC

Read the article carefully to remove background image with photoshop.

Open Photoshop CC and open the image you want to change the background.


Select ‘Quick Selection Tool’ from the Toolbar. Brush’s options are displayed in the Options bar.


Using Brush’s Options bar set the brush size to around 20%. The point is to make sure the brush size is not too big or too small. And set the hardness to 0%.


Place your brush onto the image and drag over the image to make a selection. You can use ‘[’ and ‘]’ to decrease or increase the brush size as you drag over the image.


 In most cases, you may select some unwanted areas of the image like the background. Click on the ‘Subtract from selection’ from the Options bar. You can also use this feature by holding the Alt while using the ‘Add to selection option. Then, remove the unwanted selection.


 Click on ‘Refine Edge’. Check the smart radius and paint the brush onto the edge of the image to remove the unwanted patchy background colors. Adjust the feather, contrast using the slider.


Select the ‘Output to:’ as Selection then click on OK.


Click on ‘Add a mask’ then click on ‘Create new fill or adjustment layer’ -> choose ‘Solid color…’. Choose a solid color then click on ‘OK’


Bring the ‘Color Fill 1’ layer below the mask image layer. This way you can change the background color to any solid color.

You can also use any image as a background image by going to ‘File->Place Embedded…’. Select the image and click on ‘Place’. Resize to fit the entire image then press the ‘Enter’ key.

The refine edge in photoshop is a dominant opinion that allows you to fine-tune to use this useful tool. Refine edge allows you to fine-tune when handling complex edge. Most designers are not understanding how to use this tool. But we always try our all tutorial to teach you how and which process.

If you are looking for perfect background changing company for removing complex background or removing complex edge or fur or brushes then it would be perfect if you use photoshop alpha channel masking. However, after finishing photoshop masking you need to do some retouching work.

What is the best selection method in Photoshop CC?

It all depends on what you are selecting

If you want to select a model with hair blowing in the wind, forget polygonal, use the magic wand or “Quick Selection tool” and do a refine edge to narrow it down just right.

That is why there are several tools and several ways to use those tools. But we recommended always quick selection tools to refine your edges like fur or hair. After selection with quick selection tools then select>select and mask or select Refine edge tools with Photoshop CC.

Where I found this type of companies

Nowadays you can see many more companies are service you this type of work and most of the time the results are not perfect with you. So, you have to decide that where should you work and which company gets a perfect result for you to refine edge masking.

Not only for the refine edge masking rather you have chosen which company serves you first and which company gives you the bulk discount and want to long term relationship. You know that business is not for a single day rather it would be for a long time and if you run long term then the images edit service is easy for you.

How is it done?

Our expert and dedicated graphic specialists are committed to delivering the best quality Image masking service maintaining all the quality steps and securities as well. We use the latest and upgraded technologies to sort out the problems in the entire working procedures. That’s how we deal with every project of our valued customers.


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