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How to make white background in Photoshop| Make Pure White Background| Cut Out Way

Most of the time we want to see our products on a white background or transparent background. The white background image looks awesome and prefers in the marketplaces. Transparent background means have no background. Choose a white background or need this we are here.

Create white background| Why

A white background image is such kind of an image which image set up or replace in white background from the other background.

Make a white background image using Photoshop is an easy task if you do that properly. Not only photoshop but there is so much software you will find in the marketplaces and using that software you can easily remove background from an image and make your image white background.

There has a question you can ask me that why you need to remove background from an image and why you need this.

The answer is easy to understand for anyone if you are a commercial e-commerce fashion photographer or if you have a business online store. Then the photo background removal service must be need by you.

To replace a perfectly white background and finished your post-production before post anywhere is a must. Because every customer wants to see the products on a white background and no object image. So, you need to follow the quickest workflow to get that perfect white background for your client.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve experimented with an object and without object products and we see that there have too many demands which products are on white background and most of the customers want this type of products.

Our experiments are based on quality products with a quality-removing background. Finally, we become a success to provide a successful result that the vote for white background products is 80%, and the other 20% of customers are preferring other backgrounds like a transparent background, Photoshop no background, color background, etc.

How to make white background|3 Easiest Way

There are so many processes to remove background from post-production photos. Today I’m going to discuss with you 3 steps. Following these three steps, you can easily remove your image background.

Okay, let’s start step by step and know properly how easily you can remove background from an image and make it white.

Using Clipping Path Pen Tools

Clipping path pen tools are an effective way to achieving white background. The process involves mainly around the edge of your product. Cut out image properly and place your image on a white layer.

This method is so effective and essential to clipping white background it saves time especially if you have a large batch of an image, you or your clients. It’s essential this time when one of the images one side blur and another side sharp. This time clipping path helps you to average your image edge and make it smoother than before. There has no chance to look your image unnatural.

Now I’m going to show you step by step how you remove background from your image by using photoshop pen tools.

Step 1: Open your image with adobe photoshop and start drawing with pen tools. Just click on the "P" button from your keyboard or select it from the left menu bar.

Step 2: Keep it drawing until it’s not finished and remember that you have done it properly.

Step 3: Once you finished the clipping path then just click the path layer hold on the CTRL key or press CTRL+ENTER to select the path.

Step 4: Make feather clicking CTRL+ALT+D or SHIFT+F6.It should be 0.3/0.5, need not more when you make change your background pure white.

Step 5: Now press CTRL+J to create a new layer and make a blank layer. Select the blank layer and press ALT+BACKSPACE to make your image background white.

You can do it using a solid color and to do this press CTRL+J and select the background layer and from the solid color option, you can do this easily.

Step 6: Finally save your image in JPEG format to see the final image.