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How to Make an Image Background transparent in Photoshop | Cut out image

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Transparent Background

Transparent background is a type of background which background have no pixel or color and it’s called PNG background

Creating a transparent background for your product photo by using photoshop makes your image more lucrative and eye-catching for your targeted photo. For example, a transparent background gives you a place against the unwanted background and dynamically changes your image background color.

Depending on the user’s screen size and wanting transparent background can be a different way to remove the image background color and set it on transparent background.

Your website logo or images can be transparent by using adobe photoshop transparent methods. After making any background transparent you can place this anywhere on your site regardless of any pages of background color.

By using advanced photoshop easily create a transparent background and then save the file with the appropriate web-ready format. We’ll teach you the process in the tutorial step by step.

How a Transparent Background Helps You to Grow Your Sells

In a raw image, there have many unwanted elements in the image background and, we see there something wrong with your product image when the photographer takes shots in an image. But to solve the problem we suggest you a fancy tack and following the process you can easily remove the studio photo background and set up a transparent background.

Before post your product photo on any e-commerce website like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and related to this type of website you must delete photo background and set up its transparent background.

Without removing background your product background is not set properly with your website and sometimes it looks ugly. So, you need to make the image background transparent before post it anywhere using the photoshop clipping path.

Make Your Logo Background Transparent Using Adobe Photoshop

If you have a logo with a colorful background, then first you need to clear the background. You can convert your logo file in PNG format with a clear background and that’s called transparent background.

Using adobe photoshop you make your logo background transparent and ready for web use and this is a simple process once you follow then doing yourself. In the following tutorials, we will try to see step by step how you make your image background transparent.

How to Make a Product Background Transparent in Photoshop

1.Make your image into a layer file

2.Create selection

3.Delete the background

4.Save your image into a proper web-ready format

5.Save file

Step 1:

Make your image into a layer file

Open the photoshop software first and then open your product file with this mostly like JPEG format. We’ll use here a sunglass to show you. Open your layer panel. By default, you didn’t get this then go to the windows menu bar and at the top, you can see the menu as in the photo you can see.

In the layer panel, double click the background layer and you can see a dialog box asking you to rename the layer will appear. Just click on this layer and make your layer background to layer 0.

Step 2:

Create a selection

Select the magic wand tools from the left toolbar of the application windows. Then click on the select subject from the option bar as I select in the red box up. Photoshop will attempt the select object from your photos, you will see the selection as marching ants surrounding the selection.