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How to create a ghost mannequin effect in adobe photoshop | Cut out way

Ghost mannequin service and neck joint service both are related and both are needed in the apparel sector. Our focus target is to fulfill the project timely within quality and budget. Our neck joint starting price is only $1.00 per image. Order Today

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin effect in photoshop is a kind of process where add neck to the back part of an image. Ghost mannequin effect is also known as the invisible mannequin effect. It’s a project to present your garments products to online customers to grow your sales.

In the era of e-commerce where most of the customers like local or multinational and international businesses are going online to buy something every day.

To give you an idea of how the world going on online and how you change with your product in the year age 2021. Statistics tell that there are around 14-16 million online clothing stores are depends on the sales online in the united states. So, in this big industry why you miss the chance to show your products in an online store.

I hope the number would give you an idea of how you going through and move on to an online clothing business. Because the online clothing business has become a challenging business day by day.

The information is not only for the clothing businessman rather for those who have an online store and want to share their product on an online store the information is all of these. In such a completive marketplace no entrepreneur would not leave until they are not making his/her business stay on top.

Undoubtedly three are shortcut techniques to overcome your competitor in the market reach your ultimate targeted customer to make maximum benefit by attractive to your products.

What Is Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Ghost mannequin is also defining an invisible mannequin that refers to a task where the designer needs to remove background from an image and add a neck part from another image.

Ghost mannequin effect also uses mostly in garments products like jeans, jackets, shirts, tops, and so many other products which are related to garments. The purpose of this effect is to show a product's inner and outer parts. It lets customers know how the garments products feel after wearing the products.

That’s why the importance of this service has been increasing day by day and every photographer knows that without ghost mannequin service or neck-joint service it’s not possible to display any product in their online store.

Why you need to use photoshop for the ghost mannequin effect

To make ghost mannequin for the fashion and apparel product you must need help with adobe photoshop. Photoshop is the most comprehensive software to make neck-joint and others work.

You can question that why photoshop is so important to do this job. The question is solving in a puzzle and you will see the prove instantly. Just do the same work by using adobe photoshop and others software and you will see the smoothness and finishing. Let’s go through some special topics because you go through photoshop.

> Start with setting up layer and photoshop in the case gives you the best solution and smooth product.

> Magic wand tools, clipping path pen tools, background eraser tools are essential in photoshop that gives a wide range of solution in photo editing.it allows selecting a particular area or you can select the area which you need for replacing them with the appropriate background color.

> Limitless manipulation can do through this tool which is the procedure of making ghost mannequin service. Photoshop offers a pixel-level editing facility for the designer.

> Changing background with photoshop is a common task for ghost mannequin service effect. Photoshop offers you a friendly and easy solution to make it done with an easy click which no other tools can provide you.

> Photoshop process is so easy for the beginner and who wants to complete their projects in a short time. That’s the reason to use most commonly software for an invisible mannequin. Also, you find so many Photoshop Online Resources to learn for your personal uses.

> Photoshop Is a popular editing software that has so many features and tools for your use and photographer can use this easily for their personal use. You can use this not only for the ghost mannequin service rather you can use these other works like clipping path and photo retouching service. Each time photoshop can show you new features and interesting things

Tips for Ghost Mannequin Photography

Mannequins are being used for clothing products for several years. It requires proper skills to pick the photographs. So, you should be careful before creating your studio. In circumstances, there were so many problems before shoot your product's photo.

Choose Appropriate Mannequins

Choosing an appropriate mannequin should be the first priority before starting ghost mannequin photography. You need to pick sometimes according to your need.

Find a clothing shape that can easy for editing and bring a good shape. Choosing the right shape and color of the mannequin are make your image looking good and in perfect shape.

Photography Equipment

Concentrate on the lighting setup.

Before starting ghost mannequin photography, you must check the proper lighting set up your studio and it’s a major part of the photography sector. Set up your lighting position in a proper way bring a professional look to your mannequin products.

Editing Process

It is too hard to concentrate two sides at a time. So, you need someone who can help you to do Ghost mannequin service. We recommended you to go a perfectionist who can help and done your job properly, and you should concentrate on photography. Leave on the editing process and go to an expert.

Neck Joint Vs Invisible Ghost Mannequin effect

Invisible ghost mannequin vs neck joint service has some close variants’ as you know already some tricks about ghost mannequin service effect by our tutorial.

Bring a good camera before starting the photoshoot. Basically, it requires a high-quality camera and lighting, softboxes also background color. The whole materials make your ghost mannequin photography perfect.

You can set up you’re lighting manually according to your needs and budget. Just make sure the placement the necessary.

Actually, it refers to the process to remove the mannequin from an image. But neck joint is a particular type of work or service where you need to add neck part from the main product's image and you need to add shadow and adjust the color of the image depending on image quality. As a result, it brings some special tasks and attracts your audience easily.

How Does Ghost Mannequin Effect Help Ecommerce ventures?

You should always remember that the only way is to impress your clients online by providing them with exciting edited products. As you have no chance to show your products directly. Only you show your products online, so you have to offer the maximum number of products with information on your website.

This will help your client to get a better idea of what product you have to offer them and how quickly you can impress them with the products.

Getting clean and attractive photos of any products for your business or online store Is important to serve your customer. This product helps you to get a positive idea and mindset up about your product photo. At first look, your client chooses your photo which you upload with editing on your website.


It is said that if you want to impress your clients on first look then you must upload a good product and nowadays most of the clients prefer a good-looking image and there have a chance to selling your products more than your competitor.

If you are an entrepreneur or if you have an online store or someone you have known personally have garments business then defiantly you should know about Ghost Mannequin Service

As we describe earlier in the article about ghost mannequin service clothing products image. This would help e-commerce ventures to get more and more clients.

How to Apply Ghost Mannequin Effect on your product Image?

It is the major part that how you can apply ghost mannequin service on your image and product photo. There are two ways we suggest our clients one is editing yourself and by hiring a full time professional and another one is Like Cut Out Way

Cut Out Way inc. can help you to get an image done for only $1.00 per image. This is a starting price for the product photo. However, the price may be varied upon your image complexity. The maximum price may go up to $1.49 (USD) per image for the symmetric ghost mannequin service.

How to Create a Ghost Mannequin Effect in Adobe Photoshop

If you want to edit your product image by yourself then here is a step-by-step guideline on how to add ghost mannequin effect with the help of adobe photoshop.

Step 1

Straight your image with the crop tools which you find in the photoshop left toolbar. Just click and select the crop tools for minimizing the photo.

Step 2

In case you mistake sometimes, create a duplicate layer by pressing CTRL+J

Step 3

Cut out your apparel by using pen tools and leaving the unwanted part from the background of your image. Just start from the top of the products. You can see our How to Remove Background from an image Online blog to know properly how you remove background from an image easily.

Step 4

Select the path to withhold the CTRL button and click the enter.

Step 5

Now inverse the selection by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+I to delete your background.

Step 6

Press the delete key to remove the background. Now turn off the eye of the background layer and check that it works properly or not.

Step 7

This stage you need the neck part which you add on with the neck. Just open the neck part with photoshop and crop the neck or color area with crop tools.

Step 8

Take your color image with a label and position it on the other layer. Move the collar’s image underneath the first layer of the front.

Step 9

Click on the Eraser tools and smooth out the extra bits and use the brush tools to erase the extra part from the neck part. Remember that your brush size must have size 25 and 0 feathers.

Step 10

Add a shadow layer to add a shadow on the neck part.

Step 11

Select the brush tools (opacity between 35% to 40%) and add shadow by rub. Select the shadow layer when you rub it.

Step 12

This step selects the solid color from the adjustment layer and takes it on solid white.

Step 13

This is the final steps and this step just save your file by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+S

If you have completed the written steps properly then hope your problem is solved and you will do your ghost mannequin image properly. This way your ghost mannequin photo is ready to serve your marketing team and along with clients.

Use this effect when you are marketing your website on the online platform and other social media channels or websites. This way can help you to get more customers. According to this giant business, you must attract your customer and this working process can help you to grow your sales.

Amazon, eBay Alibaba, Shopify, and other online websites can prefer the ghost mannequin service and they always recommend the perfect image size. If you are not a specialist with this service then the cut-out way can help you to solve the problem.

Because cut out way know that how expert way prepares your production image and they always prefer quality and time.

I hope this article would help you to achieve your goal and whatever you want to do may I wish to succeed your business.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions regarding this. I will try my best to answer you about all topics related to adobe photoshop.



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